Creative Nails
and Day Spa


Natural Nails

Shellac Manicure$30
with take-off$32
Dip Powder Manicure$35
with take-off$40
Polish Change$15+
Kid Manicure (12 & under)$12
Kid Manicure & Pedicure$35
☛ Add-ons ☚

Artificial Nails

with Shellac$45$40
Gel Powder$45$40
with Shellac$50$40
Pink & White$50$45
Pink $30
Dip Powder with tips$45$40
with take‐off$50$40
☛ Add-ons ☚
Shellac Add‐on$15
Take‐off Only$15


Spa Pedicure
Feet are soaked in an antibacterial solution; nail-shaping, cuticle grooming, and foot massage.
Deluxe Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure is for callus treatment. Sugar scrub to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.
Hot Stone Pedicure
Spa pedicure with hot stone on calves and foot care cream.
Paraffin Pedicure
Spa pedicure with additional paraffin wax to soften feet and remove dead skin.
Jelly Pedicure
Spa pedicure with callus treatment. Prevents fungus. Feet are encased within a gelatin-like footbath to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, sugar scrub, and hot towels.
with Hot Stone$40
CBD Detox Volcano Pedicure
Luxury spa experience to detoxify impurities and improve circulation. Crystals dissolved in the water to effervesce. The CBD is also good for pain relief and relaxation.
Signature Pedicure
Includes Volcano Pedicure and Hot Stone.
Polish Change
Nails are trimmed, shaped, buffed, and color applied.
with Shellac$25
☛ Add-ons ☚

Kids (12 & under)

Color Nails & Toes$20
Manicure & Pedicure$35


eyebrow after
Eyebrows & Tint$25
Lip or Chin$7
Half Arm$35
Half Leg$45

Permanent Makeup



$250Upper - 2 hours. Touchups $100 for returning clients
$150Lower - 2 hours. Touchups $100 for returning clients
$350Upper and Lower



Do not book if you are pregnant or nursing.
Expect to get an 8-week touchup. Permanent makeup often heals faded, patchy, or slightly asymmetrical and a 6-week touchup is needed for fine tuning.
Be Prepared
Takes some time to learn about the process and aftercare in the content below.


$3003 hours. Touchups: $100 for returning clients, $250 for new clients



Colors available
black, brown, or blue.
How long do eyebrows and eyeliner last?
That depends on your skin, but typically you would get a touchup every 1-2 years.
Eyeliner fades faster than brows because it is in a thinner skin area where pigment cannot be injected as deeply.


$3503 - 4 hours


Does it hurt?
Depends on your skin. Everybody is different. We use numbing cream, but some people still feel a little sting. Don't worry. Everybody makes it through. (Note: Eyeliner and lips are more sensitive than brows.)
I have allergies. What ingredients are in your numbing cream?
We don't recommend doing permanent makeup if you have a history of any allergic reactions. Some of the ingredients in our numbing creams include Lidocaine, Tetracaine, and Epinephrine.
What's the healing time?
Permanent makeup takes 6 weeks to heal. After the 6 weeks of healing, if needed, you would get a touchup. We cannot do touchups before the 6 weeks are over because your skin needs time to heal properly and the color and shape need to set. (Touchups not included.)
Do you do wings?
Yes. We don't do anything too bold, but we do wings in moderation.
Is permanent makeup permanent?
It is more like semi-permanent. Permanent makeup is designed to fade over time and does require maintenance touchups every couple of years.
Will I need a touchup?
Yes. You should expect to get an 8-week touchup for fine tuning then a refresh touchup every 1-2 years. Permanent makeup fades over time so there is maintenance involved, but it is better than doing your makeup every day. Results vary widely depending on how your skin heals.
Do you touchup eyeliner that has been done by other companies?
Yes, but first time clients are regular price. (Note: Any permanent makeup touchups should only be done after 8-weeks of healing.)
Do you do lashes?
No. We just do permanent makeup. Brows, lips, and eyeliner.
If I did my lashes with another company, how long should I wait before getting eyeliner?
3 weeks.
I did eyeliner about a week ago, and it is gone. Is that normal?
Yes. Don't worry. It's typical for the healing process. The color typically fades or is gone completely then comes back over the next few weeks. If it doesn't come back, we can see how it healed at the touchup and make the adjustment. Sorry. We just cannot predict how it will heal.
Will my eyeliner look perfect after the first procedure?
It might, but healing is unpredictable for permanent makeup. It depends how your skin heals. You should expect to get an 8-week touchup. We can see how your skin healed then make the adjustments.
Should I wear my contacts?
No. We recommend you don't wear contacts when getting eyeliner.
What if I have eyelash extensions?
We do not recommend doing eyeliner if you have eyelash extensions. We may not be able to do the procedure with extensions.
Will it swell? Do I need to bring a driver?
Eyeliner may swell a little. Usually you don't need a driver, but it would be nice to have a driver just in case (or you can always taxi/Uber).
Do you do the waterline?
No, for safety reasons. Most don't want to go to the waterline anyway.
Can I be out in the sun afterwards?
We recommend no sun/burns at least 1 week before and after. Longer if possible.

The tattoo process:

  1. Procedure
  2. Healing
  3. 6-Week Touchup
  4. Healing
  5. Fading
  6. Refresh touchup every couple of years

Price may vary per client; additional costs may apply.